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RSS Readers

June 26, 2012

RSS technology is useful when using student blogs. It allows you to easily see when students have updated their blogs. This saves a lot of time for teachers who would normally have to continually check each student blog to see if they had posted their assignment yet. Another useful application would be to set up a feed of useful subscriptions and resources that students can follow. I really like the idea of creating a news search feed for students. This is a way to keep the class up-to-date on topics that are being covered in class. Being able to discuss current events that are related to the class is a way to keep students interested. It also gets them used to following current events, forming their own opinions on them, and discussing them. When students read about a current event that is related to the class, it gives them an opportunity to participate by starting or joining in a conversation about it.  RSS technology can also be used to compile useful website, blogs, and other resources. You can create a feed for bookmarking relevant classroom resources for students to refer to when needed.

This technology enables teachers to expand their students thinking beyond the classroom. Students gain knowledge on their own time, outside of the classroom. It encourages them to make connections from the class to the real world. It is also a way to get them interested in topics in the class. Students are more likely to read and be interested in something that is found on the web, than a handout or other printed material that is handed out in  class.

I’m currently using Google Reader to follow blogs of fellow students in this classroom. I subscribed to Tracey Mahler, Lauren Faine, Kaylan Griffith, Keith Fischer, and Kathleen Crates.


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