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Create A Graph

July 14, 2012

Create A Graph is a program that allows teachers and students to easily create charts and graphs. After selecting the design and plugging in the labels and data, the image can be saved or printed. This allows the user to use analyzing level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. This is an excellent resource for students and teachers. Students can use this to complete assignments that require them to analyze information. Teachers can use it to analyze data that they’ve gathered through various assessments. I included a simple example of how this could be done to determine the validity of an exam. This allows the teacher to easily see what questions were understood by much of the class, and which ones may have some issues. The teacher can the look more closely at problem areas, and determine what the be approach to solving it is.


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  1. In your final presentation, you must give multiple examples of Bloom’s Taxonomy activities that your students can complete. You can’t just say “this is at the analysis level.” You must explain why your selected activities are analysis. You example here is something a teacher would do. In your final presentation, be sure to talk about activities your students can do.

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